Brass Fasteners - Round Head Fasteners

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Brass Plated Steel - 7 sizes  3/8" - 2"

   great for booklets, papers, art projects

Solid Brass - 5 sizes  1/2"-4"

   for scripts and legal documents





Solid Brass Fasteners for Screenwriters

These are the brads used in Hollywood and world wide by Professional screenwriters, script readers and movie studios  This is the only fastener you should use to bind your screenplay together. Be careful not to use Brass Plated Fasteners, which will break after some time. Solid Brass Fasteners will never break.


Made of Solid Brass—REX makes the sturdiest fasteners available. These fasteners won't bend and break, so they secure your screenplay so it won't fall apart, or hurt the reader's fingers.


100 fasteners per box, enough for 50 screenplays                              

Use two Solid Brass Fasteners place in the top and bottom holes.

Note: some submissions require 3 Solid Brass Fasteners.


   20 -  70 page TV sitcom/1 hour drama      Size #5, 1¼ in.  #3905

   90 -120 page Screenplays                        Size #5, 1¼ in.  #3905

   90 -140 page Screenplays                        Size #6, 1½ in.  #3906

 120 -160 page Screenplays                        Size #7, 2 in.     #3907